We pride ourselves in offering a fun and inclusive childcare service for children aged 4 - 12. The Camp activities opens daily between 01Pm-4pm, providing more flexibility, consistency and a wraparound childcare service for busy or working parents. Being OFSTED registered and having all our staff DBS checked and fully trained, ensures a safe and welcoming environment for your child.


Our extensive Camp programme allows 4 & 5 year olds to gain fundamental skills and knowledge, yoga ,zumba,Gymnastics,drawings, and many activities whilst enjoying themselves.


Customer feedback has enabled us to improve our services and ensure that we are in tune with parent’s and child’s expectations.


All our activities and schedules are carefully thought out, ensuring your child will have a memorable break from school, gain new skills, socialise and make friends! Our fun filled days include sports, crafts and daily special activities - providing not only a childcare service for our parents, but an experience where your child can have Fun.

Your kid loves skipping around the living room? Loves music? Been showing the desire to dance to the dance in the middle of a shopping mall? As a bustling guardian, how can one select the perfect teacher for ballet dance for kids to help support your youngster’s abilities and talents? For the individuals who are interested in fanning the love of this performing art form in their kid, we have assembled a few tips and suggestions for choosing ballet dance for kids or a ballet teacher.

What will my child learn in addition to dance steps? 

Whenever talented, proficient choreographers and dancers show the performing arts, the potential for the young students are unlimited. While not all of the students may have proficient desires, they will create confidence, poise, and a lifelong energy about the art of music, dance, and live theater. The focus and discipline created during classes and rehearsals are characteristics that stretch out to different areas of life-enhanced study agility and habits in sports and games. Adults who examined dance as youngsters have been ended up being progressively alluring in the work force and exceed expectations at listening, teamwork collaboration and dependability.